Salah M. Mubarek


We all see the world in our own way. At the same time we all share some things in common. Through my art, I want to inspire people to live in a state of loving and, despite their difficulties, understand that “this is just a moment in time.”

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About Salah

I grew up in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, surrounded by items with beautiful, colorful geometrical patterns. The rich and vibrant dyes that Ethiopians use to create colorful clothing, hats, and baskets are made from natural elements found in the environment around them. I especially loved the baskets — baskets of all forms and shapes with intricate patterns and deeper meanings.

My artistic ideas and inspiration come from what I recall of my surroundings growing up, my observations, my experience and, of course, my imagination. As a result of the designs I was exposed to as a youth, I have a high regard for the complex use of color in modern art and a deep attraction to geometric color field paintings. Colors can evoke different emotions. So I am always careful to use colors to help people find calm, comfort, and a sense of peacefulness in the way they see the world.

My art is an attempt to express what I have experienced in a positive way so others can see it as well. Although I have worked with various media, I concentrated on figurative and landscape abstractions in watercolor for a significant portion of my career. I experimented with applying watercolor in many ways to create layers and texture to achieve the look of oil on canvas or pastel on paper.

In a series of my work I describe as pixelated geometric color field paintings, for example, I use geometric designs and planes on a large canvas to tell a story, as well as blends of color to evoke emotions. In effect, I am reimagining the ancient art of my culture in a new and different way. The tension created between the form and color renders the canvas as a three-dimensional field of pixelated color.

As artists, we must find a way to express whatever we have experienced in our lives. My goal in my work is to create paintings that engage the viewer intellectually and visually. Love is an energy. To express love, I use certain colors so when you see them you understand I am conveying the importance of being loving and expressing that love through my art.

What I have learned from others, what I understand, what I have lived and observed is reflected in my art. Everyone sees the world differently. That is why I try to visually express love and humanity in a symbolic way, and convey through my art how important it is to love yourself and for all of us to be more kind.


Please contact me if you would like more information about purchasing, exhibiting, or licensing my artwork. I welcome all comments and inquiries, and have additional artwork that may not currently be displayed on this site.

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